Information for Patients and Families Valley Family & Elder Care clinicians are focused on working with our patients, their families and the facilities we serve to optimize each patient’s quality of life.  As Bette Davis stated “getting old is not for sissies”.  Every day we deal with the physical and mental medical issues associated with aging and/or disability.  While we cannot stop the aging process, we believe that by following the care standards promoted by The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine and having good communication channels with our patients, their families and facility staff we can promote the highest quality of life for our patients. As an independent medical group, VFEC bills the patient’s insurance carrier using a billing firm that is expert in billing for services to patients in the facility-based and post-acute/long-term care settings.  Any services not covered by insurance will be billed to the address on file. In each of our buildings, facility staff are instructed on how to contact our clinicians when needed.  At all times there is a clinician on call and, when necessary, VFEC clinicians can access information in the patient’s chart using our cloud-based electronic health record. In all of our facilities there also are staff members to help patients and families with general information, money matters and information about community resources.
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